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WELCOME TO THE RETRO-FUTURE... ten years ago the MiLkBabY was born twice. the first time when Barry Bennett played Jason Kunesh some music that he had written for a play. He said that it sounded like being chased by one of those goddamn milkbabies; an obscure reference to a comic book. the birth was complete about a month later in a dingy apartment on Belmont when Barry and David Lee Smith sat huddled together behind some td-7 drum pads with a headphone splitter making SOUNDS... super hero sounds, shimmery scary sounds, yummy sounds, sounds to make you WONDER... wonder, could a BAND sound like THIS??? then along came Tracee; and to borrow from Belew, it was three of a perfect pair indeed. three albums, life in a van, and SOUNDS... in 2001, David and Tracee moved across the ocean. Barry was alone for a while, but then he heard these SOUNDS ... they were coming from DARREN. could he be a BabY, too? a duo was born. an album, life in the van, and SOUNDS. Then THE TWO noticed something special about Darren's girlfriend SOPHIE. such a sparkle, such energy, and the SOUNDS that she makes... under our noses the whole time...three of a perfect pair, AGAIN. glorious... i think that brings us up to date... until april 2008, when MiLkBabY added SIGHTS to their SOUNDS. UMMMMMMMM KRISTIN, the things she SEES! can she be a BabY, too? 3+1=4...

Barry Bennett Barry Bennett
acoustic and electronic percussion, vocal, keyboard, knobs-n-wires
Darren Shepherd Darren Shepherd
Sophie Senard Sophie Senard
vocal, accordian, recorder, thai gongs
Video decks

BabYzz Absentia
David Lee Smith David Lee Smith
electric pads, kick, floor, big cymbal
Tracee Westmoreland Tracee Westmoreland
voice, jingles and shakes
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