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Barry Bennett Barry Bennett
acoustic and electronic percussion, keyboard, vocal, knobs-wires

Barry is an artist interested in Truth and Duality. Nothing is as it appears, yet what you see before you can be compelling.

Barry grew up in Mtn. Home, AR. He spent his time wrestling and listening to OZZY. His mother, Helen, is the most powerful being in the universe...that was a plus. She heard various states of rock and or roll coming from her garage for many years, and never complained that at the lack of Floyd Cramer songs.

He has 5 sisters, ranging from 26 years his senior to 6 years his senior. He got the privilege of having a houseful early and of being an only child for a few years once all his sisters flew away.

Duality. Barry has a BFA in Theatre from Southwest Missouri State. Barry has a partner named Ann, a lovely daughter named Hannah, and a cat named Woodie. Barry loves his bandmates and is very happy to have a shared vision. Barry has no interest in Adulthood. Barry is the luckiest boy in the world.
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